If you are looking for a quick but effective workout routine that targets your whole body try this workout. It includes moves for all muscle groups and can be used as a beginner routine. Be sure to include a good warm up and cool down (find warm up & cool down routines here).

Exercises include:

Dancing Dog
Plank Walk Opener
Shoulder Taps
Plank Leg Lifts
Double Leg Stretch
Eagle Crunch
Single Straight Leg Stretch
Double Leg Lift
Cross Crunch
Single Leg Drop
Single Leg Lift

About Blogilates team:

Cassey Ho is the energetic fitness instructor behind Blogilates. She shares a lot of videos with quick and fun bodyweight workouts that you can do at home in just a few minutes. Her workouts are themed for different objectives such as the “Swimsuit Slim-Down” and many more.