Just two teaspoons a day will work wonders for your health, weight loss, skin care, hair and is also great as a cure for many diseases and many vital organs.

Wonderful and healthy, with about 90 percent of saturated fat! But do not worry – most of these fatty acids actually are lauric acid, which does wonders for your heart and blood vessels – unlike other unhealthy oils and fats, that are one of the most common causes of these diseases too. Lauric acid proved good as antibacterial agent and is full of antioxidants which makes it responsible for beautiful skin and hair. It is great for improving immunity and significantly improves digestion.

Although it’s oil we are talking about, scientists have proven that this oil has excellent effects for increasing good cholesterol and breaking of fat cells in the body.

Do you need more reason than that to finally start using it more in your diet?

Coconut oil has long been known as a healthy alternative to classic oil (not excluding olive oil which has similar health effects). Due to the large amounts of lauric acid it serves as a regulator of fat cells that in addition to raising levels of good, lowers the level of bad cholesterol. Lauric acid in our body normally turns into monolaurin which protects against viruses, fungi and bacteria, and by that coconut oil is actually very similar to breast milk, which is also rich in lauric acid – to protect the baby, whose immune system is still not strong enough to defend itself of viruses and bacteria.

Coconut oil also contains caprylic acid which acts against viruses, bacteria and fungi and strengthens the immune system because in our body it turns into monokarpin, a substance having very strong antifungal effect. Consequently, coconut oil is very effective against all types of fungi known to attack human digestive tract whereby monokarpin additionally stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria and thus further protect the immune system.

Even though it comes in the form of fat, rather than liquid oil, coconut oil is easily digestible and does not store in the body as fat stock but goes to the liver where it directly consumes energy – additionally helps the liver to cleanse itself of fat.

With one to two teaspoons of coconut oil, depending on individual needs when it comes to calories, you can get healthy and tasty food supplement and at the same time you can expect to reduce the bad fat in your body.

It’s great ally in weight loss due to many reasons – gives you a feeling of satiety, alleviates digestion, and has a thermogenic effect that increases energy consumption and fat burning.

Not only that – it helps in better functioning of the thyroid and the entire endocrine system, better use of minerals in the body (mostly calcium and magnesium) and is excellent for the prevention of osteoporosis. It can be used for skin care and hair because it has a fine structure of molecules that easily penetrate the skin and hair and contributes to the skin elasticity.

How to choose the right type of coconut oil?

There are several types, but the best performance certainly has virgin coconut oil. All other types are mostly refined and not all of them have the same amount of healing properties. The best type of coconut oil for thermal processing is the one with removed coconut smell.

Coconut oil becomes liquid at the temperature of 24 °C or 75 °F.