Low Impact Exercises for Seniors Elderly Men and Women

The 15 minute senior workout is specifically designed with low impact exercises to help improve activities of daily living of older people. From gardening...

Coconut Muffins

This is so simple yet delicious 3 ingredient muffins! Ingredients for 6 muffins: 40 g coconut flour 3 eggs 20 g coconut oil Note: use gram...

Total Body Dance Workout Routine

This is pilates inspired dance workout routine. It will help you to lose belly fat and tone your body. No equipment is necessary and you...

Zumba Workout

Try this fun cardio workout. It takes only 30 minutes and burnes 300 calories. Dance your calories off! Find more similar videos on POPSUGAR Fitness.

Zucchini Oats (ZOATS)

Try this traditional oatmeat as a healthy breakfast but with a twist! Ingredients: 1 zucchini 50 g oat flakes cinnamon chopped apple or other fruit of...

1 hour of music for running

1 hour of best running songs in 2015

Handstands Tutorial

Gymnastics coach Joy teaches you how to do a handstand! Follow along with this workout and stretch routine to improve flexibility in the back...

Miley Cyrus Sexy Legs Workout

A XHIT, fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise shows you how to get toned legs like the hottest singer in the world according to Maxim magazine, Miley Cyrus!...

Intense Abs Workout Routine

Chloe Ting is the girl behind - A blog site about Chloe's take on fashion and her experiences as a style blogger. Born...

How to Do a Back Workout

Set of exercises for back: a pull-down, lat pull-down, a bent over dumbbell row and a rear delt fly. This exercises will target every single...